1st report

Our Trip!

Well after a lot of waiting for our car to clear customers, we had our planning for the trip down and had 2 major rules that we would abide by, the first being not to be driving or putting up Camp Trailer up in the Dark and the second was not to do to many Ks in one day, as we wanted to take out time and see the places along the way.

So with that all in hand and the Car and Camp trailer all packed, we set off from Brisbane at 11am on the 3rd of February.  

After setting off with spirits high, out trip started without a little hiccup, about 2 hours in the breaks went and Ali had to do the first repairs (and only I hope, but it is a Land Rover) on the side of Motorway to Sydney. (Ali here, one of the bolts came out of the front caliper. which then caused it to move and break the brake pipe. We had a spare so all i had to do was to replace the pipe and get back on our way. The only problem was, when i found it had gone was when i went to brake at 70 and find nothing there to stop the car and trailer, D'oh) Once that was fixed we were on our way again to Hat Head, the place we had decided to stay for the night before going to Sarah's house for a few days. During our drive to Hat Head, we stoped for lunch at a petrol station and discovered that out 90 looked so small compared to the trucks in Australia.

Little Truck with Big Trucks

It was not until Coffs Harbour that we realised that Hat Head was a little further than we had anticipated and we were putting the camp trailer up in the dark, which for the first time. (As you can see our rules lasted all of a few hours). The night was uneventful and upon wakening it was raining and the mist had settled over the beach, so for our first sight of Hat Head it was not very pleasant. We were assured by some of the other campers that it was usually very nice and a beautiful place to camp, maybe we will try it again in the future.

The Drive to Sarah's house was interesting with the cross winds on some of the Motorway. During the time at Sarah's, Ali got to do some running repair on the 90 (Check oil, water and things like that). The time with Sarah was great and after discovering that we had forgotten some little things we had a chance to pick them up. On the 9th of February, all packed up and ready to go, we started off again set to Melbourne to visit Trudy.

90 packed and ready to go.

During our drive to Melbourne, we did a little detour, instead of going down the coast as planed, we drove to the Countries Capital Canberra. The senary through the middle was dry and looked like it needed a big rain, but we stopped every few hours to check out some of the interesting sites and old buildings (only by Australian standards). Canberra was interesting as the road leads around parliament house, on the hill and all the embassies are dotted around the bottom. Ali got to see the British embassy and was so happy to see British soil again.

Parliament House Canberra

After taking morning tea outside Parliament house we set off again towards Mansfield, which is the town closest to Craig's Hut in the Snowy Mountains in Victoria. To see Craig's Hut was Sue's idea as she had seen the movie it was in "The Man From Snowy River" about a million times and had alway wanted to see it for herself. We arrived in Mansfield at about 1pm and though that we could try to do Craig's Hut while it was sunny, but the mountains are so unpredictable. We set off  thinking it would be so easy to find, with our maps to hand we were off. The mountains were beautiful and during the drive up it did rain a little but we were still going as it looked s close on the map. After a little while we came across a track that said Craig's Hut, as it looked really steep we took off the trailer and drove just the 90 up the steep slope. We drove for what seemed like ages up and then down the mountains thinking the next turn will be it but the track kept going. We finally came to a bigger track that looked like it could be the one and then we saw a sing post with the distance left to go 17 K's we both looked at each other and said let us do this tomorrow as it was getting late and we had to make camp and we had to go back to get the trailer. So off we went back to Mansfield for the night. The next day we left our trailer at the camp site and went off to find Craig's Hut, which we found about 11am and it was stunning, Sue was a little excited and Ali had a great time with the 90 on the tracks that were only 4x4 tracks.

Craig's Hut

With the Hut seen and our trailer picket up again, we were off to Melbourne to stay with Trudy for a few nights and she would show us around her town.