Brisbane To The  Cape

Leaving Brisbane we headed towards the cape. We took the coast route . And on the way stop at the Whitsunday's and could not go there with a fly over the Heart reef

Then of course once up the  coast we went to Mossman Gorge . Bit wet on the day we were there but still a beautiful place to see 

We went to Port Douglas to see the church where we got married in 2003 

we went thought the Bloomfield Track on way up to the cape. Lovely track with great Views

And there are plenty of river crossings

And of course the rain forest


Then we were on our way up to the cape , this is the end of the tarmac before we head up to the cape . Dirt from here on 

The ferry crossing on the  Jardine river

Waiting our turn on the ferry

Our turn to drive on

And then off the other side

There are a few water crossing on the way up to the top

As you can see one car did not make it on one day

This is the 90 at the car park at the top of the cape

and the walk way to the top 

And final we made it to the sign 

We also did some off roading around the top of the cape 

and they even have big termite mounds up here

On the way back , this is the telegraphy track

After this we drove back to Brisbane and ended our trip around Aus