Norseman to Perth

Once arriving in Norseman, we grabbed a quick coffee to say bye to our new friends before meeting up with Luke (one of Sue's Brothers). While we were sitting in the cafe, who should appear but Luke getting lunch, he had happen to come back earlier than expected from his job, so that was cool. That afternoon Luke showed Ali around and I go some time to relax. While they were out Ali got to see wild brumby's (Horses).

Wild Horses

We stayed with Luke for a few days and then we all went to Esperance for the weekend. 

Esperance Beach

We stayed in the Le Grande National Park, were Luke took Ali fishing for the first time in his life and the first fish he hooked was a poisonous, so I don't think that he will be doing it again soon. The next morning we said Good-bye to Luke, Lorene and the dogs, Heap, Scrap and Boot and we had a look around the rest of Le Grande National Park. We went to Lucky Bay were Kangaroos are usually on the beach but I think it was a little cold and wet for them, so we didn't see any. During our visit to Lucky Bay we saw and due to the wind we heard Whistling Rock.

Whistling Rock

That night we stayed again in Esperance and met a lovely couple of guys who told us that at the end of the pier in Esperance is some wild seals, so the next morning we stopped of at the pier on the way to our next stop of Hayden for Wave Rock. 


It was great to see the seals and after a short stop we were of the Wave Rock. On our drive there Ali go to go through his first RBT (Random Breath Test) but they didn't test him as he had not been drinking apart from Coke. At arriving at Hayden we went straight to Wave Rock.

Ali at Wave Rock

This picture is for everyone that thinks that we should take more photos of ourselves at these places (you know who you are, Kim & Vic :) ). This was one of the things Ali wanted to see. It was not a big as we both had thought, but you can climb it and so we thought to would be a great thing to do, so off we set and it did take along time but in the end we didn't walk the whole way as it was to hot and the pool was calling. We stayed here two days as there were caves in the area and we are in no hurry. After our two days we were off to Kalgoolie and the super pit.

This is just a part of the Super Pit

We turned up at the Super Pit and were walking across the car park when they did the blasting for the day, we just missed it, but the felt it through the ground. In the picture above you can see a digger and about 4 trucks, this will give you an idea how big it is. These trucks cost 4 million each and are the largest trucks done by Caterpillar and they carry 250 tons, now that is big.

After Kalgoolie we were back to Norseman for the Norseman Cup. The Racers were great and Ali and I bet on every race and 4 of our horses came in first but on the last Ali said let us let everything ride and we lost buy a 10th of a second. So at the end of the day we broke even. 

The one in the Black, Pink and Blue was the winner!

After we said Good-bye again to Luke, Lorene and the clan we were off to Perth via the Norseman-Hayden Road (unsealed track) which goes for about 297 K's, good thing there were places to stop and go to the toilet (2 and they were not very nice), as the road was a little bumpy. We had to stop over the night before Perth was about 800 K's away from Norseman.