Adelaide to Norseman

On leaving Adelaide we drove up the coast to Port Augusta, which was a longer drive, as there was nothing that interested us in the Yorke Peninsula, as was all just wineries and there were no breweries for Ali to visit.

We spent the night in Port Augusta and in the morning we left for Wudinna, along the was we had to stop at Iron Knob, just so Ali could give the guys in England a little laugh. This is the photo he took.

Then it was off the Kimba, which is half way across Australia.

Half Way

Then we cut across to Wudinna, where we stayed for the night, it was the windiest place we have been in so far, it kept me up most of the night. In the morning it was off to Ceduna, which is the last big town to get supplies before the Nullarbor. There was not much to see before the Ceduna, but Ali got to see some real Aboriginals lying in the towns park. It was also another windy night for us and another sleepless night for me. After Ceduna it was off to the Nullarbor plains.

We filled up with fuel before we started the Nullarbor as we had heard that all the Fuel stops along the way were owned by the same person and the fuel is all expensive. Off we set and discovered that it was not brown and dry but green. Along the way we saw Wild Camels, a wild Dingo and Emu's, but no Kangaroos.

During our trip around the Australian Bight, we happen to met up with some people who had locked their keys in their car. We decided to help, as we are nice people and in the end broke in the car. Then we were on our way again to the Boarder town which we were going to stay for the night. Upon getting to the Boarder we met up with the same people again and as the town was just a BP station we were not really wanting to stay, they all suggested that we stay together and staying a small town called Minda for the night, as we had gone through some time zones we had a few hours up our sleeves before dark so we agreed to stay together. That night we had a great time talking with our new found friends Ton and Isabelle from the Netherlands and Max and Sandra from Switzerland. The next morning we all agreed to meet up again at the next night to stay at Fraser's Range Station, which was about 100K's outside of Norseman. So off we set and on the way we came across the longest straight in Australia.

Longest Straight

Between the longest straight and Fraser Range Station there was not much to see, but we did come across a few RFDS Airstrips (which happen to be the road)

RFDS Airstrip

Fraser Range station.

Fraser's Range Station is a full working sheep station and it was a lovely place to stay apart from the tail end of the cyclone that we go during the night and had Ali and me up at 5am pulling the tent down before it got blown away and before the rain go worst (which it did). After we got everything away we made coffee and hot chocolate and waited for the wind and rain to stop. At about 10am we left for Norseman where we were leaving our new friends as they were off to Esperance and we were staying in Norseman with my brother Luke.