Alice Springs to Broome

Upon leaving Alice Springs we headed for the Tanami Road, which was a track that runs from Alice Springs, NT to Halls Creek, WA. The track takes about 1200 K's instead of the 1500 K's on the roads. We started out for Tilmouth Well which was our first stop on the Tanami. We got to Tilmouth about 4 in the afternoon, to be told that there would be a big police presence here tonight, not for criminal action but it was a leaving do for one of their fellow officers. We met some lovely ex-police officers that had a Land Rover 130 (Ali was in seventh heaven). Ali also noticed that the fuel tank on the 90 had got a little leak and nothing that would make us lose to much fuel before we could get it fixed in Halls Creek. During the evening we met some other people around the camp fire and they shared a roast lamb that they had cooked on the camp fire and it was wonderful. In the morning I got to take some nice pictures of the some bird life.


After a very eventful night (not much sleep due to the police officers drinking until all hours) we were off on the Tanami again with our next destination Rabbit Flats. About half way along the track Ali got out and did the regular checks to the 90 (had to have a smoke) and discovered that the leak had gotten worst, so we had a decision to make go 900 K's to Halls Creek or go back to Alice Springs which was 300 K's as Alice Springs was the closer of the two we opted for there. That night to console ourselves, we decided to have a curry out, as we arrived at the curry house, we were greated by the ex-police officers (Scott and his wife) we had met the night before and started up a conversation, during this Scott gave us a number of a mate that does welding, and asked us over the next day to see his 130. As we had nothing to do but wait we did just that and the rest of the time spent by the pool. Due to the Easter weekend the 90 was not fixed until Tuesday and it turned out to be an all day thing (worst of all Ali left me at the camp site with no money, no purse and a ton of washing to do). So I did nothing all day, I read two books though. 

90 Fuel Tank being fixed

That night we went out to dinner with Scott and his wife to a lovely restaurant called The Lane in Alice Springs. In the morning we looked at our options and decided to go to the Devils Marbles and forego the Tanami as the preservation of the 90 is more important to us. As we left town we filled up at a truck stop and a large Road train was there so we took a little shot of how big these baby's are.

During our trip to the Marbles we were to pass through Barrow Creek and were the Falconio murder took place. We stopped at Barrow Creek for a drink and to see if we could find the 5 dollars his brother left for him to have a drink if he turned up, (only 5 Dollars what a cheap skate). Ali has been reading the book about the murder so that is why we thought to tell you all. After our drink we were off to the Marbles for the night. 

Devils Marbles

These are just some of them, there are thousands of them all over the valley. After the Marbles we were off again to Dunmarra which is just a roadhouse with a camp site out the back but it does have a pool. As you can tell we have had a pool at about every stop on this trip due to the high temperature. In the morning we were off to Mataranka and the thermal pools, as I had been before and loved it. As we were about to leave we noticed a Road Train parked up so we stopped the 90 next to it and it was so dwarfed. Just to give you some facts about them. This truck is 55 meters long. And carrys 110,000 ltrs of petrol, with a total weight of 173 tons. The tractor unit carries 1800 ltrs of Diesel which it needs as they only do 3.5 mpg

Upon talking to a few people and they all said Bitter Springs were better and just a little bit further. So off we set and along the way we got to see how the floods had affected the area, this picture is of just one of the rivers we had to cross that had broken it's banks.


Also along the way were the graves of the people from Australian literature We of the Never Never, which we stopped at for a break, then we went to see the pools at Mataranka and decided to swim at Bitter Springs. It was heavenly and with a temperature of 34 degrees it was surprisingly refreshing.

Thermal Pools Bitter Springs

As we arrived earlier that expected we decided to push on to Katherine for the night, as we were to come back this way we did not do any sight seeing here, just lazed by the pool and I got to do the washing (so exciting). The next day we were off early as we had about 500 K's to travel to our next stop of Kununarra. We arrived late afternoon and decided to again laze by the pool and enjoy the spa, during our lazing Ali got to met some Brits that were staying for a little while at the camp site, so he got to talk about football (Soccer for us Aussies). The next day we were off again to the Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) for the night and it was beautiful.

Sunset Bungles

Bungle Bungles

We walked to a place called Cathedral Gorge, it was about a 2 hour walk but it was spectacular views, this is what we saw at the end of our walk.

Cathedral Gorge

On our way out of the Bungle Bungles we had to recross 106 creek and river beds this is just one of the crossings we did. Remember there are croc's here so you can't test the depth of the water. You just have to go for it. We were told a trick if you are worried about the depth of a crossing . What you do is get to the waters edge and then turn the car around and reverse it into the water, until the wheels are just in the water . Then go up the track out of the water , still with the car facing away from the river. This is where you then stop for a cup of tea and wait . You wait until another car comes along from the other side of the river. he will see you and your car, along with the tyre prints and think you have just gone though it. So he will plow on though. Watched by you so you know how deep it is. When he has passed you can turn the car around and go though the river. Apparently quite a few Hire 4x4 are lost this way.

Crossing the Creek at Bungle Bungles

After getting back to the road we were off to Fitzroy Crossing for the night, during our drive we stopped at a lovely rest area, that was a free camp site for a spot of lunch. During this time as Ali looked for Crocs, I took some pictured of an Eagle that was sitting near by.



At Fitzroy Crossing we found a little oasis to stay in, again we went to the pool. In the morning we left early so that we could spend alot more time in Broome. On arriving we found a camp site with a pool and we went down to Cable Beach to have a play in the sand and watch the sun go down.

Ali, Sue and 90 Watching Sunset.

I also took some pictures of the Camel rides which are usually booked a week in advance. As Ali does not like them, due to a Camel encounter when he was 4 and I have ridden a Camel before we were just happy to watch.

Camel Rides at Sunset

The next day we were off again to drive down Cable beach to see all the nude people, so Ali could perve (no i just wanted to drive the 90 along the beach, Honest), but he was a little disappointed as they were all men and my god did I see some sights, no one should see men from that angle. The next morning as I was going to do the washing I was met by this guy and he scared me half to death.