Bits I Have Broken

Well in the years I have had Land Rovers I has built up this reputation of being a bit of a ruff arse., Don't where that comes from, but here are some of the bits that I have broken on my J reg 90

Alloys wheel,

 This what a Big BFG mud tyres mixed with bricklyn Farm can do to a alloy wheel rim. Drove home 30 miles and wondered why, when I got home the tyre was going down

Broken Cam Belt

Become a bit of an expert at doing this. Done it twice now. You would have thought I would have learn :-). First time was lack of wadding plugs. You only learn that lesson once. The second time I had the same problem but it was the because the cover is bent and was leaking mud and crap in though the side of the casing. Here is the pic of inside of the timing cover, this first time

Wing and general body damage

This manly after the first winch challenge at the Slindon site. Which as you can see from the Slindon Challenge page it was tight

Wing got it big time

Not wanting to be left out the other side got some too. So now time for two new wings before the next event



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