Camel Range Rover

In 1981 Camel started using Range Rovers for the events. This was the first Land Rover product that they used. They used the 2 door Range Rover for two years (1981/1982) See result details at the bottom of this page

We found one in August this year (2004), and it is need of repair and and good clean. But is a real Camel Trophy Range Rover, which has been confirmed by Land Rover and Gaydon. There are allot of copy Range Rover Camels , so that was so nice about finding the (as such ) Camel Trophy Holy Grail

We believe (well Know) that this is the oldest Land Rover Camel Trophy truck about. As before the oldest Range Rover was the 1987 ones which are rare as well. All of the Range Rovers from the 1981/2 events were believed to have been crushed. But this one was bought by the father of one of the Holland team. And then him and his son , years later took it around Africa. And then they left it and was bought by a specialist North east of Amsterdam, Hans Hocope . Where he kept hold of it in a shed fort about the past 15 years

It has a Warn 8274 on the front and roof rack with the lights and sand ladders, and places for the jerry cans. But as in those days , does not have a snorkel or roll cage.

This how it was when we got it back to the house, as you can see it does need a bit of TLC


Pictures will soon follow of the repair and restore of the camel back to it former glory, but to be honest it is in very good condition with all the bits.

This now means that we have the first Camel Trophy Truck and with the Freelander we also have the Last Land Rover Camel Trophy truck.

Here are some pictures from the 1981 Camel trophy


Results of the Camel Trophy events the Range Rover was in

1981 Sumatra
Route: Medan to Jambi
Distance: 1,600 km
Teams: 3 from West German
Winner: West Germany (Christian Swoboda & Knuth Mentel

1982 Papua New Guinea
Route: Mont Hagen to Madang
Distace: 1,600 km
Teams: 2 each from: Italy, the Netherlands, West Germany and United States
Winner: Italy (Casare Geruado & Giuliano Giongo
Note: Special Tasks introduced
1983 Zaire
Route: Kinshasa to Kinsangani
Distance: 1,600 km
Teams: the Netherlands, Portugal, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain
Winner: the Netherlands (Henk Bont & Frank Heij)

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