The Cars Story

This is details of how the car is doing on its trip around Aus

As some of you are well aware of the fine way I have always treated my Land Rovers in the past (mmm).

As the car was vital to our survival we had to take car of it this time. Well that was the plan anyway

Service in Brisbane and a quick check by the Local land Rover Dealership. (oh who I worked for at the time)


400k's outside Brisbane we went to stop and found we had no brakes. This was caused by one of the two bolts that held the Caliper, had come out and caused the caliper to twist and break the pipe . so we changed the pipe on the side of the road and tightened up the other one remaining bolt and carried on. When we got to Sydney we managed to get another bolt to replace the missing one.


14,000k's in and we were at Kalgoorlie (hey might be late but hey earlier than normal in most of my cars). Time for an Oil Change, new fuel filter, and levels check. Along with greasing all the bits that needed to be greased


Along the track from Kalgoorlie to Ayres rock the rear brake cable that runs along the back axel broke. This caused us to have hardly any brakes. So we struggled the 5k's left of the track (we had just travel 1200k's along the track, which was really bumpy and corrugated so no surprise then). We were then at the Ayres Rock resort. here I was able to block the brake pipe and make the brakes work again so we had brakes for the 500k journey to Alice Springs. Once at Alice I got another pipe form the Land Rover dealership, and had it fitted in no time. We had brakes again. Always a bonus with a trailer on


Along the Tamini Track the fuel tank sprung a leak (land Rover tank). This caused us to travel the 400k's back to Alice where we got it rewelded back up and we were then back on our way again.


22,000k's Time for another oil change and check of all levels and another greasing. Also changed the gearbox and transfer box oil.


24,000 As we came into Darwin I heard the familiar sound of a wheel bearing on its way. As I had to tighten up one of the wheel bearings in Brisbane before we left I knew which one it was straight away. I have parts so that night I replaced it in the campsite and checked the others.


We had a wheel wobble problem on the front (what I thought was ) driver side wheel. So after checking the tyre and noticing oil leaking from the swivel to the disc it was decided to change the wheel bearings in the middle of Kakadu National Park. But this did nothing to the problem. So later I decided to change the tyre with the new spare alloy. But this also did not fix the problem. So we left it until we got to Katherine. Where we would get it looked at . While we were driving I had a thought so at Katherine we got the wheel balance checked and found that the passenger wheel was buckled. The chap looked shocked and said I was the first person he had seen be pleased he had buckled an alloy.. Put the new alloy on and everything fine. The old alloy is now a spare. But least I know it will wobble but will get new out of a hole.


Once in Brisbane i gave the 90 another oil change and fuel filter change. It also went in for a new gasket on the transfer box, as it was leaking oil. Also the garage gave it a check up at the same time.