Details of My 90

It started of life as a 2.5 N/A station wagon, and was like this when I bought it. I put a Husky winch on the front and played with it for a bit. But i am a V8 man and soon had the 2.5 N/A out and changed it for a 3.5 V8 out of a Rover SD1 Vitesse. But after a few years this was too slow so I changed it last year for a 4.2 V8 with an Auto box. This total changed the truck . I also added the front and rear ARB. Soon behind came the front ARB bumper with Warn 8274 and another one for the rear. After I had done a few events, like Ali I found the van type body too big so it was chopped of and a pick up put on. So as we stand now both our truck look similar but Ali's is a Diesel and his is a V8

Pictures of my 90

Specs on the 90

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