Claims to Fame

We were in LRO August 2002 with the Freelander. It was Sue's Freelander that was on the front cover in the bottom left hand corner. We did a East to West article with the Magazine. This was to test to see which of the model Freelanders was best for this sort of trip. You will shortly be able to find pic's and more details in the Freelander Pictures section

Sue's Freelander is center page in the November issue of Land Rover World. It was when she was on the Freelander stand at the Beaulieu 4x4 Show this summer. She was parked next to a Series 1 and they took the photo of old and new.

This was LRO March 2001 when LRO came down a did a bit on Shire Land Rover club. They followed us around on a green lane day that i had planned. This has my Range Rover in it.