Katherine to Brisbane

We left Katherine and headed towards the Savannah way. The first stop would be Roper Bar for the night. After Roper Bar we where off to the next town which was 450k's of tracks, which looked like this most of the way.

As you can see the roads, well mud tracks are not at all that good. On our way along the road we met a man and his dog taking notes of the worst bits of the roads. After we left him we thought we would go to Butterfly Springs for lunch.

The springs were beautiful as you can see, but the mosquitos were so bad we could not even have lunch there, but I did take alot of pictures before we left, then we were on our way again and who should we bump into but the man with the dog stuck on the road.

He had phoned his mate on the Sat phone to come and get him, he would have had to wait for 4 hours for his mate to turn up, so hence why he was so pleased to see us coming down the track. The water along this track was dreadful. We had serval river crossing that were over the bonnet of the 90. Which caused a bit of fun as it was rushing water too. Meaning not only did the water come in the front vents but also lifted and pushed the 90 down the river at every crossing you did.

Along the way we saw lots of wild life, here are so of them.


Some of the creek crossing where deep, but every now and then you get to go across one the looks so beautiful, like the one below.

We parked in the river for this one

As we got to the our next destination of Cape Crawford, we were told that the road to Normanton was worst then the one we had just been on. So due to that we had to go down to Barkley Homestead and across to Mt Isa. This is us getting back to our home state.  

The Queensland Border

Just over the border we saw this huge road train, coming from a coal mine.

One big road train. 


This is the Tree Of Knowledge. It was where the Australian Labour party was founded. mmm bit of a contradiction. Not long after we were there this tree was on the news because someone had poisoned it, not it was not us.

This the Black Stump as in Beyond the Black Stump. Which means the Outback

The next stop after Mt Isa was Winton for a 2 days so that we could go and see the Dinosaur Stampede imprints. Along the way we had a close shave with a Kangaroo and as you can see they just cross the road when they want to, usually in front of your car. 

A kangaroo Jumping across in front of us on the road. This is the reason you have a big bumper on the front of your car. On closer inspection of this Kangaroo we discovered a Joey in her pouch, so we are really glad that she crossed quickly as we were doing 100 on that track.

The Dinosaur Stampede was interesting and hard to beleive that we stood where 45 Million years ago a dinosaur chased down his lunch.

The Dinosaur Stampede

As you can see the track we were on goes forever, this was about the only piece of tarmac on the whole road.


After Winton we were of to Longreach for the night, while we were there we thought we would go to the Stockman's Hall of Fame. This is a picture of the outside.

Stockman's Hall of Fame

While we were there we took in a show about how a stockman works the sheep. I just loved the way the dog rounds the sheep by itself.

After leaving Longreach we were driving down the road and saw real stockman, herding cows.


So after all that we were then off to Laidley for my mother's 70 surprise party, where we are to tay a few days.