D 476 LYB

This was my second 90 and this was a 2.5 N/A diesel . When I bought this 90 it was a van and was used by a stone mason in Salisbury. I wanted an off road truck that was soft top and was a bit dented so that I would no feel too guilty about beating it up. I got it home and changed it from the blue colour it was to Nato green. this meant I could drive it off road with out worrying about the paint work. I also put a soft top on it along with a roll cage. It also had 31x 10.50, 15 General Grabber MT tyres

This was one of the first outings in it . this pic was taken on the plain

These were taken at Boggy hole and as you can see was about a year later when i had a bull bar on the front and KC Daylight spot lights. I had also put on a mantec Snorkle