Report 2

Melbourne to Adelaide

After spending so quality time with Trudy. We were off to Phillip Island for Valentines Day, via Ramsey Street. When we got to Ramsey Street it was closed for filming and was not going to be open until 1pm, as we were there at 8.30am we were not inclined to wait.

90 0utside Ramsey Street

Then we were off to see the little penguins on Phillip Island do their nightly waddle up the beach to their homes, but before we got to that Ali saw this sign and though you should all see it.

90 Near Sign On Phillip Island

That night we drove over to the Penguin Bay for our viewing of the Penguin Parade, it was lovely but you can take photos or any video footage so earlier in the day we went a little further past were the Parade was an took a photo of a little penguin in it's burrow.


Watching the Parade was so cute, we were about the last to leave. If you get the chance to be in Melbourne it is one thing you just have to do.

After that we were off again to the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road was amazing, apart from the all the bends in the road it was great. On the GOR there was a monument saying that the road was built for the Sailors and Solders of the Great War 1914-1919. As we drove on we decided to stay in Port Campbell and stay for 2 days so that we can see the 12 Apostils and all the other sights around the cliffs. We thought that it would get up early and see the Sunrise on the 12 Apostils, so we got up a little late and hurried to the cliffs and we were not disappointed.


Left view from the platform at Sunrise

Right view from the platform of Sunrise.


As we were about to leave it though it would rain, so we waited a little longer and this is the picture Sue got it is one of our favorites so far.

After that we were off to see the other sites along the coast, hoping that it would not be a cloudy day. During the morning it did clear and turned into a very hot day.

London Bridge, GOR

We really enjoyed that day and saw so many sights. After packing up we were off again to Portland to see seals. As we were on our way we booked a trip to see them up close. Then they rang back and said that they could not take us until 3pm, for us that was to late as we would be on our way again to Mount Gambier, so we decided to walk to the colony. It was about 2 hour round trip and it was free so that is always a bonus. After we had started and were about 45 minutes in we were regretting our choice, as it was all up and down the hills. We made it to the Seal Colony and it was all worth it.


After the seals we had to walk all the way back and that was not so great but we made it. While we were driving to Mount Gambier, a little later in the day Ali spied this little guy in the trees, on the road side.


Arriving in Mount Gambier we went to the Information Center (which we have discovered shows you every little thing about the towns) and discovered that the town was build with a large Blue lake in the center, so we drove up to the Lake and we were not disappointed it was Vibrant Blue and we had been told that it turns gray this time of year, so we were lucky.

Blue Lake, Mt Gambier


After Mt Gambier we were off to Robe, as we had heard that there was a beach that you can drive on, so Ali gets to have a play. The beach was about 40 miles of white beautiful sand and the bluest sea we had ever seen.

    On the Beach at Robe

Robe was our last stop before we stayed in Adelaide for a few days. On the way there we passed loads of salt lakes and this is one that they used to mine salt.