Videos Of our Trip

Here are some Videos of our Trip. I recommend you have Broadband to see these as they are a bit big. If the videos are a bit small then make them 200%, or full screen and then it will be better. The quality is good for this


The Twelve Apostles, a windy day 

The roads in Australia, most of them across the outback are like this

The Pinnacles. 

The Dolphins

The roads in Shark Bay 1 This road was 64k,s long and we then had to come back along it. As you can see it took some time to drive. Along the way there were some speed signs saying max speed 50k. ( I wish I could do 50k)

The roads in Shark Bay 2

Ali Playing on the Sand Dunes

The Trucks in Central Aus They are really big in the middle of Aus

The track to The Bungle Bungles.  This was a 50 mile of road track , that was the only way into the National Perk. There were 106 river and creak bed crossing. None of them that you could check for depth as there are croc's in them. So you just have to go for it. All while we were towing the trailer

The Bungle Bungles.  Here is the Bungles Bungles. We did finally make it along the track

The Devils Marbles  Here is the devils Marbles. I thought there were one or two if theses rocks that seem to balance on their own. But in fact there is hundreds of them

The Blue lake  This is a really Blue Lake at Mount Gambier. This lake is this color blue for only Half the year and then turns a gray color. They still can't work out why

Rodeo in Darwin . This was a rodeo we went to in Darwin. Really aussie outback stuff

Sue Driving  who say's I don't let sue drive. This is what some main roads look like. They are single tarmac . You have to run with one side of the car off the road when another car comes the there way, and off the road totally when a road train comes along

Litchfield park  water falls  These are the water falls in Litchfield park.

Magnetic termite mounds. These are magnetic termite mounds which are always positioned North to South as you can see from the video

Gibb river road This is part of the Gibb River road in The Kimberley's. This road was only opened the day before as this water was over the track. This track leads to the Boab Prison tree (see picture pages to see what that is)

The River. This was the river that caused us to be trapped for 3 days. This was 12 meters above this bridge and we had to wait for it to go down so we could cross

Dinosaur Footprints,  These are the Dinosaur footprints at Winton in Queensland. They are 45 million years old and show a seen where one dinosaur charge another load and sent them fleeing

Creek Crossing This is one of the  many creek crossing we had to do as we went up to the cape

Cattle truck These are the trucks you have to over take on the Queensland roads. They are full of cattle , and as you over take you hope one does not pee or anything worse as if they do, it is ending up on your car. By the way this was only  a two lane road